Musicians' memorial murals

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Musicians' memorial murals
Musicians' memorial murals. Following her death, rumors briefly swirled that a graffiti great had honored Amy Winehouse. Meanwhile, in early August, Los Angeles artists refreshed a tribute to a fallen indie icon. Murals of deceased musicians have become unofficial city landmarks and magnets for fans. Check out these alfresco tributes that help keep the musicians' legacies alive. Banksy rumor + Amy Winehouse tribute, Amy Winehouse, artists restored elliott smith wall,
Aaliyah Dana Haughton memorial murals
She was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and raised in the Midwest, but this R&B ingenue is honored in Manhattan's East Villag. Aaliyah R.I.P. mural + East Village New York City. Aaliyah "Rock the Boat", Aaliyah cause of death, Aaliyah + parents settle negligence lawsuit, Aaliyah 2001 MTV Video Music Awards honor, 
Miles Davis memorial murals

A tribute to the famed jazz trumpeter lines the side of a Washington, D.C., jazz club where he'd played when the venue had a different name. Miles Davis + 60 Minutes interview + 1989, Bohemian Caverns, Crystal Caverns + Bohemian Caverns, miles davis cause of death, Miles Davis + Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + 2006, Miles Davis statue + Nice + Hotel Negresco,
Duke Ellington memorial murals

Duke Ellington + Eastbourne Performance. D.C.'s own jazz master is pictured on the site of a historically important building in the Cardozo/Shaw neighborhood. True Reformer building + Washington DC, G. Byron Peck + Duke Ellington mural.duke ellington cause of death, Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Duke Ellington + District of Columbia quarter,
Buddy Holly memorial murals

buddy holly Winter Dance Party + Clear Lake, Iowa + 1959. Fans in his Texas hometown drive past a wall-wide tribute to Holly and his rock 'n' roll muse.Buddy Holly + Lubbock, Texas. Charles Hardin Holley. buddy holly cause of death,
Dean Martin memorial murals

"The King of Cool" has a high-traffic memorial in his hometown. Dean Martin + Sammy Davis Jr. 60th Anniversary special, Dino Paul Crocetti, Dean Martin + Steubenville Kroger supermarket. dean martin cause of death, Dean Martin Festival, jim morrison cause of death, jim morrison memorial + Berlin,
Jim Morrison memorial murals

The Doors + last performance + The Warehouse + New Orleans, Louisiana + 1970. "The Lizard King" appears in a mural that towers over his old Venice Beach stamping grounds in Los Angeles. venice beach california, Jim Morrison mural + Rip Cronk.
Frank Sinatra memorial murals

Frank Sinatra final performance. This mural of"Ol' Blue Eyes" stands 60 feet high in South Philadelphia. Frank Sinatra + Hoboken, New Jersey, Diane Keller + Frank Sinatra mural, Frank Sinatra cause of death, Frank Sinatra + South Philadelphia + Italian-American neighborhood, Frank Sinatra mural partly covered by building
Amy Winehouse memorial murals

Shortly after the soul crooner's death was announced in July, her graffiti likeness (photos) appeared near her stamping grounds (where's that?), and fans have left candles and flowers below it. Some thought a famous U.K. tagger created it., Amy Winehouse final performance + Dionne Bromfield, Amy Winehouse + Camden, London, Amy Winehouse + not a real Banksy mural, amy winehouse cause of death, Amy Winehouse Fred Perry clothing line, Amy Winehouse Fred Perry clothing line,
You can visit more mural tributes to late musicians:

Johnny Cash: His mural resides in Nashville, Tenn., not far from his final resting place. Hendersonville Memory Gardens

Celia Cruz: The late Latin music queen has a graffiti tribute in Spanish Harlem that captures her lively persona.

Jam Master Jay: The DJ from one of rap's best-known groups is commemorated on a wall in his beloved Hollis neighborhood in Queens, N.Y.

John Lennon: The famous Beatles singer and songwriter is pictured in the prime of his youth (photos) in his hometown.

Big Pun: A mural dedicated to the Bronx, N.Y., rapper receives an annual update, thanks to a devoted graffiti crew.

Charlie Parker: The famed saxophonist from Kansas City, Mo., overlooks the city's vibrant downtown district. Kansas City Power & Light District

Selena: The young Tejano star has been painted on buildings across Texas, but this mural appears outside one of her favorite hangouts. Selena + 7 Till Late convenience store

Biggie Smalls: The slain Brooklyn, N.Y., rapper received a splashy graffiti tribute in the 5 Pointz area of New York.

Elliott Smith: Fans of the singer-songwriter flock to his album cover art-turned-memorial wall in Silver Lake.

Tupac: The world-renowned rapper's roots were in New York City, where this mural was painted.