Stars' plastic surgery regrets

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Stars' plastic surgery regrets
Stars' plastic surgery regrets. Heidi Montag, Tara Reid, Kenny Rogers & Mickey Rourke all regret having plastic surgery. Check out other celebrities who'd love to erase the changes they made.
Jamie Lee Curtis regrets liposuction and Botox
All of these 'bettering' experiences are not without risk. And there is this illusion that once you do it, then you'll be fine. I looked worse. Worse.
– Jamie Lee Curtis.
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Dana Delany regrets having Botox injections
I notice it more than anybody else, but I was symmetrical before and now I am not.
– Dana Delany
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Kim Kardashian regrets Botox injections
I think when you're young there are other ways you can look after your skin.
– Kim Kardashian
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Jennifer Grey regrets nose job
I went in the operating theater a celebrity – and came out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible.
— Jennifer Grey
Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Jennifer Grey
Jane Fonda regrets having eyes
I vowed I wouldn't — I did, and I don't feel proud about it.
– Jane Fonda
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Nicole Kidman regrets Botox
I didn't like how my face looked afterward.
– Nicole Kidman
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Courtney Love regrets lip augmentation
I just want [what] God gave me back. … It was perfectly cute.
— Courtney Love
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Heidi Montag regrets 10 plastic surgery procedures
I would love not to be a plastic girl or whatever they call me. Surgery ruined my career and personal life and just brought a lot of negativity into my world. I wish I could jump into a time machine and take it all back.
– Heidi Montag
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Tara Reid regrets breast implants and body contouring
If I had to do it again, I never would have done it in the first place.
– Tara Reid
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Denise Richards regrets breast implants
I just thought because they're a plastic surgeon, they must be good. You have to be your advocate for your own body and ask 100 questions.
– Denise Richards
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Lisa Rinna regrets lip injections
[It] started to define who I am. That bothered me.
– Lisa Rinna
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Kenny Rogers regrets eye lift
I'm the plastic surgery king. I'm a bionic man! I kind of wish I hadn't done it.
– Kenny Rogers
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Tori Spelling regrets breast implants
Well I got [it] done in my early 20s and if I had known it would or could possibly impact … I would never had had [it] done.
– Tori Spelling
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Mickey Rourke plastic surgery for boxing scars
I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together.
— Mickey Rourke
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