6-year-old saves grandfather's life

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6-year-old saves grandfather's life
6-year-old saves grandfather's life. 6 year old saves grandfather’s life – A 6-year-old made the right call and saves his grandfather’s life. Zack Powers found his grandfather on the floor in diabetic shock. Zack picked up the phone and called for help. Now his grandfather is calling him a hero.Zack said to the operator:“My papa, he’s stuck and I can’t get him up. He’s all sweaty and stuff.”  Police said the 911 call saved his grandfather’s life.

“I came into his room. I was yelling, ‘Papa! Papa! Papa!’” said Zack. “Then I found his hand on the ground and I was like, are you playing dead?”

“At first he thought I might have been fooling around with him, playing a game, sleeping, eventually he decided that I needed, you know, he needed to get help,” said Chuck Henderson, Zack’s grandfather.

Chuck has diabetes and that afternoon while he was watching Zack, his blood sugar plunged and he went into diabetic shock.