Mel Gibson's $750,000 pact

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Mel Gibson's $750,000 pact
Mel Gibson's $750,000 pact. Mel Gibson Settles Child-Custody Case for $750K; Earlier Offer of $16M Reportedly Rejected.
Actor Mel Gibson is putting an end to a hard-fought case over the custody of his young daughter with former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Peter Lichtman announced today that Gibson will pay $750,000 to Grigorieva and establish a trust for their child, who is almost 2, according to the Associated Press. Gibson will continue to pay for his ex and their daughter to live in a multimillion-dollar home, and it will be sold when the child is 18, for her benefit.

Neither the actor nor Grigorieva, a musician, can publicly discuss or write about their relationship, the article notes.

At one point, Gibson reportedly offered Gigorieva $16 million, which she rejected as too minimal.

Under a 2009 cohabitation agreement, she was to get a year of free housing and a Dodge Charger if they split up.

A Reuters article about the couple's new pact says he may have previously paid her a settlement of approximately $20 million over their breakup.

It isn't clear, the article notes, whether the settlement resolves all issues between the battling couple. She had accused him of domestic battery, which resulted in a criminal case and a plea deal by Gibson.