Book claims Van Gogh was killed

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Book claims Van Gogh was killed
Book claims Van Gogh was killed, Experts at Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum remain unconvinced by a new book that claims the 19th century Dutch artist was accidentally shot by two teenagers and did not die from self-inflicted wounds.
Van gogh murdered. The biography published this week of Vincent van Gogh by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith says the artist, who suffered chronic depression, claimed to have shot himself to protect the boys, and that "he was covering up his own murder." He died two days later. vincent van gogh: A life Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith,

Leo Jansen, the museum curator and editor of Van Gogh's letters, said the biography, "Van Gogh, A Life," is a "great book." But experts "cannot yet agree" with the authors' conclusions about the painter's death. +vincent van gogh shot by children, vincent van gogh inconsistencies death,

He the book revives enough unanswered questions to warrant another look.

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