Doctors on trial over organ removal

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Doctors on trial over organ removal
Doctors on trial over organ removal, In a decision that may set a precedent for future cases the State Council has ruled that six doctors who removed organs from a brain-dead victim without the permission of the Public Prosecutors Office will have to stand trial.

Munevver Genc was admitted to Inonu University Medical Faculty after suffering serious gunshot wounds. During treatment her doctors determined that she was brain dead and her family agreed to donate Genç's organs. However, the doctors removed the organs without first obtaining approval from the public prosecutor, resulting in a request from the Public Prosecutors Office for an investigation. The university council agreed on Nov. 10, 2006 to keep the doctors from standing trial. The case was subsequently transferred to the First Department of the State Council, where the council's decision was annulled and a ruling given that the doctors would have to stand trial for violating the law on organ transplants. doctors charged live organs, brazil doctors organs four counts homicide,

İnönü University Medical Faculty general surgeons Vedat Kırımlıoğlu, Cüneyt Karaalp, Cengiz Ara, Gökhan Söğütlü, Mehmet Yılmaz and Burak Işık now await trial for the unauthorized removal of tissue and organ transplants. Turgut Özal Medical Center Dean Professor Sezai Yılmaz said the situation was caused by miscommunication, explaining that, after Genc was determined brain dead, the family had agreed to donate the victim's organs and their decision was reported to the hospital police. Yılmaz said: "We told the hospital police and they informed the office of the director of public prosecutions. The public prosecutor said the doctors should inform him before the organ was removed. I learned about this later. What we were told was to inform them once we had removed the organ." brazil doctors fake death certificates organs,

The surgeons removed the liver and the kidneys of the patients under the assumption that the public prosecutor had been informed, Yılmaz added. Eurasia Lawyers Association President Turan Canpolat stated that there is a gap in the law regarding such issues and that the matter needed immediate attention, adding that it was quite clear the doctors had had no criminal intention.

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