Maria Fowler 'suicidal' over escort claims
Maria Fowler 'suicidal' over escort claims, Understandably Maria Fowler is pretty devastated over claims made by a tabloid newspaper this week that she used to work as a £600 an hour escort.
In fact the reality star says the allegations have “ruined” her life, and ever since they emerged she’s been feeling suicidal.

She also says the reports have been worse than: “being accused of murder or taking drugs”.

In an interview with the Star on Sunday, Maria revealed:

‘This has ruined my life - my whole world is a mess because of these evil claims. When I heard what was going to be printed I felt suicidal. I just thought if I ended it all and I wasn't here any more I wouldn't have to deal with this.

'When I'm on my own I still get caught up in my own thoughts and think about killing myself. I've tried to distract from it and when I'm around people I'm OK - but it's off and on to be honest.'

Maria Fowler 'suicidal' over escort claims. It was claimed that Maria, working under the name Kelly, had been employed by an exclusive agency called Carlton’s who she jetted around the world for to meet wealthy men.

However Maria says that as far as she is concerned she only worked for the company as a promotions girl and was paid £1,500 by them for a three-day trip to the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi:

'I'd done hosting before in Wembley - you're there to smile, hand drinks out and chat to people’ she said.

'We were told to dress classy and cover our cleavage and no one tried it on with us at all. There's no way I was considered an escort by anyone there.'

The TOWIE star also added that she feels totally betrayed by the woman who woman who hired her at Carltons, saying:

'I was put in touch with this woman while I was a lapdancer and didn't even know her name until recently. I feel like I've been totally conned by her.

'All I wanted was to build a career for myself and now my life is ruined.'

Source: mrpaparazzi