Scrabble player demands strip search

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Scrabble player demands strip search
 Scrabble player demands strip search, A Scrabble player demanded his British opponent be strip-searched after a tile went missing during the World Scrabble Championships in Poland.
scrabble strip search: Thailand's Chollapat Itthi-Aree and England’s Edward Martin were among 100 contestants taking part in the five-day tournament held at the Hilton hotel in the Polish capital of Warsaw on Saturday when the Scrabble controversy began.

After the letter ‘G’ mysteriously went missing, the frustrated Thai allegedly accused his rival of cheating and called on staff to take Mr Martin into the toilet and strip-search him. world scrabble championship 2011,

According to the organisers, the Thai player’s request for the strip-search was denied and Martin beat him by one point. scrabble strip search letter 'g' missing, scrabble strip search one point,

Despite the furore over the lost letter, it was New Zealander Nigel Richards who took home the overall crown and $20,000 (£13,000) prize fund after beating Australian opponent Andrew Fisher in the match.

Scrabble whiz Richards broke a world record as he is the first player to claim the prestigious title twice.

In a separate incident, one player accused another of eating a Scrabble tile, according to The Independent.

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