Steve Jobs Has Died

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Steve Jobs Has Died, 57-year life of the famous founder died of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. It is called the genius of the IT-industry, enthusiastic dreamer, is contained in the most daring ideas.

Something that others could not think. Steve Jobs was born in 1955 in the Californian city of San Francisco. In the late '70s was one of the developers of the first commercially successful PC series - Apple II, and already in the 80's invented the Macintosh - the first computer-controlled mouse. 

In 1984, after losing a power struggle with the board of directors, Jobs left the Apple and creates his own company - NeXT, which develops computer platform for universities and businesses. 1985: Jobs co-founded the animation studio Pixar. In 2006, acquired The Walt Disney Company. Steve Jobs Has Died

Steve Jobs became the largest private shareholder of Disney (7%) and board member of Disney. Under his leadership, the studio produced such films as "Toy Story" and "Monsters, Inc.". After 12 years, Apple bought NeXT, and Jobs is again at the helm of the company, which he founded. He invents the iPhone and iPad - the first phones and tablet computers with a glass multi-touch display. In 2004 it became known that the doctors found a malignant tumor of Jobs in the pancreas. Later, the tumor was successfully removed. In 2009, entrepreneurs and innovators had an operation on a liver transplant. himself preferred not to spread Jobs on his health, although becoming more noticeable leanness, indicating that the depletion of global concern.

On January 17, 2011 Steve Jobs was on leave as health. Several times he interrupted a vacation to personally introduce to the public next new Apple. August 24, 2011 Jobs announced his retirement from the post of head of Apple. In his letter of resignation, he strongly recommended the appointment of his successor, Tim Cook. At her request, Jobs was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors Apple. Steve Jobs passed away October 5, 2011 - a day after the presentation of a new product line from Apple, which was unable to attend personally.