Famous Veterans

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Famous Veterans
Famous Veterans, On Veterans Day, look back at veterans such as Dave Thomas & Bill Cosby.
George H. W. Bush From navigation to combat to intelligence work, there are many areas of the military to serve in. Each year, we honor those who have served on Veterans Day. To help commemorate the day, we’ve compiled a list of some well-known veterans, beginning with former President George H. W. Bush, who joined the U.S. Navy on June 12, 1942 - the day he turned 18. He served as a Naval aviator and was later awarded numerous medals for his time in service. George H. W. Bush Lieutenant Junior Grade World War II, George H.W. Bush + Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals,
Tony Bennett Legendary singer Bennett got his first chance to sing while in the military. The New Yorker served in France and Germany during World War II. Tony Bennett served in the Army, Tony Bennett private in army,
Pat Tillman After turning down a $3.6 million contract with NFL team the Arizona Cardinals, the former safety enlisted in the military in May 2002, eight months after the September 11 attacks. Tillman fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was killed in 2004 while serving in Afghanistan. Pat Tillman served + Army Ranger, Pat Tillman corporal,
George Steinbrenner Former New York Yankees owner Steinbrenner joined the military in 1952 after graduating from college. During his time in service, he set up sporting events for those in the military. George Steinbrenner U.S. Air Force, George Steinbrenner General's Aid, Tigers beat New York Yankees 2011 playoffs,
Alan Alda Former “M*A*S*H” star Alda joined the military after graduating from this university. The Emmy and Golden Globe winner served for six months in the Korean War. Alan Alda U.S. Army, Alan Alda Army Reserve Gunner,
Charles Walgreen Before he started his chain of drug stores, Walgreen enlisted with the 1st Illinois Volunteer Cavalry and served in Cuba. The pharmacist became very ill with malaria and yellow fever during his time in war. Charles Walgreen Spanish-American War, Charles Walgreen Sr. + Illinois National Guard
Chuck Norris Long before you watched him in “Walker, Texas Ranger”, Norris graduated from high school and enlisted in the military. It was during his time in Korea that Norris took an interest in martial arts and became the martial arts guru we know today. Chuck Norris U.S. Air Force,
R. Buckminster Fuller Inventor, engineer and author Fuller trained as an aviator after joining the military. He invented a seaplane rescue mast during his time in service. R. Buckminster Fuller U.S. Navy,
Montel Williams Before he became the well-known talk show host he is today, Williams joined the military. The motivational speaker served in two branches of the military and took part in intelligence work. Montel Williams + Marines and Navy, Montel Williams Lieutenant,
Ben Bradlee Former executive editor of The Washington Post and current vice president at large, Bradlee had a role in the publication of reports of the Watergate scandal. Well before that, he graduated from this prestigious university and joined the military. Ben Bradlee Pacific War, Ben Bradlee served in U.S. Navy,
Johnny Carson World War II Legendary television host of this late-night show, Carson was a former ensign to the U.S. military. Following training, Carson was called for duty on what ended up being the last day of the war. Johnny Carson U.S. Navy,
Don Steinbrunner Vietnam War A former Cleveland Browns offensive tackle, Steinbrunner enlisted in the military after a knee injury cut his football career short. He served as a navigator and was killed with his fellow crewmen when his plane was shot down. Following his death, Steinbrunner was posthumously awarded a Purple Heart and a Distinguished Flying Cross. Don Steinbrunner U.S. Air Force + Major,
Jocelyn Elders Korean War Before she was the surgeon general of the United States, Elders provided aid to soldiers returning from the Korean War. The Arkansas native was somewhat controversial during her time as surgeon general and resigned from the position after 15 months. Jocelyn Elders Army Medical Specialist Corps, Jocelyn Elders Second Lieutenant,
Clint Eastwood Famed actor, director and producer Eastwood was drafted into the military in 1950, after the Korean War began. The Academy Award winner met a number of other actor-soldiers during his time in service. Clint Eastwood U.S. Army, Clint Eastwood Swimming Instructor at Fort Ord in California,
Bob Feller Before and after his time in service, Feller was a successful major-league pitcher. He interrupted his baseball career to join the military in 1941 after hearing on the radio that Pearl Harbor had been attacked. Bob Feller U.S. Navy, Bob Feller Chief Petty Officer + U.S. Navy,
Bill Cosby Eighties sitcom star Cosby joined the military in 1956 and served for four years. The funnyman was part of the military track team during his time in service and later attended this university on a track and field scholarship. Bill Cosby U.S. Navy, Bill Cosby Hospital Corpsman,
Malcolm Forbes In his days before becoming a multimillionaire publisher, Malcolm Forbes fought in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany in World War II. The Princeton University grad was awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his time in service. Malcolm Forbes U.S. Army, Malcolm Forbes + Army Staff Sergeant,
Shaggy Reggae singer and rapper Shaggy moved to Brooklyn from Jamaica when he was 18. In 1988, he enlisted in the U.S. military as a Field Artillery Cannon Crewman. Shaggy Gulf War, Shaggy U.S. Marine, Field Artillery Cannon Crewman,
Dave Thomas, the founder of this popular fast-food restaurant, voluntarily joined the military during the Korean War in order to avoid the draft. After attending the former Cook’s and Baker’s School at the military post in Fort Benning, Ga., Thomas was given the job of feeding 2,000 soldiers every day in Germany. david thomas u.s. army, Wendy's CEO Dave Thomas Staff Sergeant,
Tom Ridge Vietnam War Former secretary of homeland security, Ridge was drafted into the military in 1968. The former congressman and Pennsylvania governor could have deferred as he was in law school at the time, but he chose to serve. Tom Ridge + Army Staff Sergeant,
Drew Carey U.S. Marine Corps Comedian and game-show host Carey served in the military for six years in the 1980s. It was during his time in service that Carey started doing stand-up comedy. Drew Carey Corporal,
Fred Smith U.S. Marine Corps Smith, the CEO of FedEx, founded the express delivery company a year after his four-year military service. The businessman served during the Vietnam War. Fred Smith Officer in U.S. Marine Corps,
George Westinghouse The Civil War Founder of the Westinghouse Electric Company in 1866, Westinghouse was a well-known inventor and engineer of his time. He was awarded an astonishing number of patents over the course of his life. Before this success, he enlisted in the military as a teenager and served in two branches over a three-year period. George Westinghouse awarded over 400 patents, George Westinghouse Jr. Union Army and Navy, George Westinghouse Jr. + cavalry private and navy engineer,
Sumner Redstone The man we know today as a media giant had a role in military intelligence during World War II. Today’s chairman of National Amusements, Redstone finished his military career with the rank of first lieutenant. Sumner Redstone + U.S. Army, Sumner Redstone Army codebreaker,
Joseph M. Acaba United States Marine Corps Reserves NASA astronaut Acaba, known for being the first NASA astronaut candidate of Puerto Rican heritage, served in the military for six years. He has also worked as a hydrogeologist and spent two years in the Peace Corps. Joseph M. Acaba Sergeant,