Celebrity Hair
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Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet ditched her trademark wavy auburn locks for an extreme new platinum blond cut. The "Mildred Pierce" star also shared some intimate details about her newly single life. Check out these other ladies who had a hair do-over.

Ginnifer Goodwin

The "Big Love" actress and "He's Just Not That Into You" star hides her pixie cut under a fake mane while filming the hit HBO show. Find out how she makes sure her short coif won't get in the way of stellar roles. She dons a dowdy cover in an upcoming rom-com

Michelle Williams

Love it or hate it, the "Blue Valentine" star followed the Hollywood trend when she lopped off her golden locks for a peroxide pixie with wispy bangs. She debuted the look shortly after welcoming a daughter with a late Oscar winner.

Emma Watson

After being stuck with the same hairstyle for 10 years as the bookish Hermione in a blockbuster film franchise, Emma Watson made a huge change when she let go of her long locks for a cropped coif. Find out what else she recently dropped.

Victoria Beckham

The former Posh Spice's haircut was so popular it had its own nickname. Here's what she said about it. It became even shorter. She's sporting long, luxurious tresses nowadays.

Khloe Kardashian

The 26-year-old reality star traded in her dark locks for a fiery new look, which she showed off at a recent Hollywood event with her famous sisters. She recently talked pregnancy problems with her NBA player husband.

Michelle Obama

The stylish first lady's hair has been a popular topic of discussion. She has shown off several hairdos, and even had everyone thinking she had chopped it short last summer.


The pop diva turned heads when she added an update to her signature 'do. It's hard to believe she ever had long hair.

Hillary Clinton

She's going with a Secretary-of-State-worthy 'do these days, but the former first lady has seen plenty of hairstyle changes over the years. She once joked about her ever-changing look.

Sarah Palin

The former governor caught Oprah Winfrey off-guard when she ditched her famous hairstyle for an interview.

Keri Russell

Some blamed the "Felicity" actress's drastic haircut storyline for a change in the show's ratings. The show's network even changed its policy. Russell fans had a common reaction to the new 'do.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina's sporting new bangs for a movie role, and her daughter Shiloh's short new 'do has become tabloid fodder.

Male Celebrity Hair

Justin Bieber
Let's face it. We've all seen our fair share of bad hair days. But what if your hairdo -- for better or worse -- gets people talking all over the world? Just ask Justin Bieber. The superstar's locks became infamous for their side-swept style. But when he recently chopped his tresses, many Beliebers struggled to accept the change

Tom Brady
Quarterback Tom Brady has taken a lot of flak for his long mane, which has inspired a mean-spirited rumor and a publicized spat with a former teammate. Now he's trying a look more associated with little girls.
John Travolta
He rocked a luscious head of hair as a Sweathog, but these days the Academy Award nominee is rumored to be wearing hair plugs. Recent pictures of the balding movie star have surfaced from a family vacation.
Prince William
Once full-headed, the soon-to-be-married prince inspired a hair-raising moment when he recently let public he'd lost quite a bit of his follicles.
Matt LeBlanc
The former "Friends" star shocked fans when he revealed he had gone to drastic measures to disguise his graying head throughout the sitcom. The silver fox can now be seen -- with his real hair color -- on a new series.
Bo Bice
The "American Idol" runner-up was deemed one of the show's first "rockers" because of his hair. He donated his long locks to this charity.
Allen Iverson
The NBA guard surprised everyone when he showed up without his trademark cornrows at last year's All-Star Game.
Zac Efron
The former Disney idol, who has a squeaky-clean secret to his good head of hair, upset some fans when he got rid of his famous "man-bangs." He recently debuted a much shorter hairstyle statement.
Andre Agassi
The tennis superstar shocked fans when he shaved his head in 1995 and changed his image. He has admitted that his trademark mullet was actually a weave.