Guess that Celebrity Smile

Some people are famous for a perfect smile. Some are famous for quirky teeth. Then there are celebrities who are famous despite straight-up bad teeth. How many smiles can you recognize?

Celine Dion

Celine Dion sang with yellowing teeth before she got them capped. But can you guess which irreplaceable diva this smile belongs to? Explore her music.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus got a little help with her smile. Can you guess who has a great smile now? That wasn't the case when when she was a teen.

Julia Roberts

This pretty woman is known for her toothy grin. But can you guess which future Charlie's Angel had a classic toothless smile as a kid?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise prepped his teeth for a shining acting career. Remember "The Outsiders"? Guess which former soap stud's smile wasn't always this perfect.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage wasn't the first star who to fix his teeth when he hit the big time. Guess which "Wall Street" star fixed his teeth around the time he hit it big.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore is not the only dentally reformed actress in Hollywood. Can you guess which sexy star had some bad teeth to contend with?


This mean-mugging Detroit rapper hardly ever shows his teeth, even while rapping. But he seemed to have a nice smile back in high school. Guess which rapper with a small-change name reportedly paid a pretty penny for a better smile. Explore his music.

Gary Busey

"Celebrity Apprentice" star Gary Busey is just one of the wild men in Hollywood with new teeth. Can you guess which "Jackass" star saw speculation behind his new smile?


This female pop star's crooked smile has become her signature. But can you guess which Aussie starlet has a straight-as-an-arrow smile now?

LeAnn Rimes

Country star Rimes came with a gap-toothed grin to boot. But those days are far behind her. But can you guess which male country star made his smile whiter and tighter than it once was?

Anna Paquin

Paquin, the star of "True Blood," is brining the sexy gap back. But can you guess which material girl has one of the most famous gaps in the world?

Liam Gallagher

This British musician apparently lost his teeth in a bar fight. But can you guess which British star reportedly gained major dental improvements?

Colin Firth

This Oscar winner touched up his teeth and now has a smile fit for a king. Can you guess which former reality judge has been criticized for his dental decisions?

Faye Dunaway

This Hollywood legend still aspires to perfection, at least smile-wise. But can you guess which "Burlesque"  star has done a lot to achieve the perfect smile?

Paul Wall

Texas rapper Paul Wall made everybody smile and show their grills. But can you which king of crunk alters his smile not for perfection but for bling?