Food for finales & premieres
Food for finales & premieres. We are a nation that loves to be entertained, with a little something to munch on the side. Popcorn, mints and licorice pair nicely with movies. Hot dogs and cheesy nachos go hand-in-hand with baseball. Cold pizza works with just about everything, but especially YouTube.
And television? With so many season premieres and finales ahead, we suggest foods that complement the personality, the content and the zeitgeist of a few popular TV shows.
So, we offer a few ideas on what to eat -- and recipes -- with nine shows.
'American Idol'
An annual favorite, "American Idol" already has people picking their winner for this season. The perfect food pairing? Ham plus a really cheesy potato casserole.
Carryout from your favorite Italian restaurant chain, heavy on the breadsticks. Or sloppy joes and potato chips. Or toss a slushies party.
'Gossip Girl'
Strictly a liquid diet (e.g., coffee or Champagne).
'Mad Men'
Martinis, iceberg salad, coq au vin, red table wine, scotch, fruit cocktail, brandy, Salisbury steak.
'Modern Family'
Cereal. Frozen TV dinner and a big glass of milk.
Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Abby Sciuto and Timothy McGee
'The Good Wife'
Big steaks, bigger glasses of red wine, Italian beef sandwiches with soggy fries or a hot dog on a sesame-seed bun with neon-green relish.
'30 Rock'
Mac 'n' cheese, doughnuts and "funky juice" -- white wine, ice and lemon-lime soda -- and cinnamon nuts.
'True Blood'
Deviled eggs, devil's food cake. Or Bloody Marys, steak tartare and blood sausage.