Most peaceful states

Most peaceful states. The Institute for Economics and Peace recently issued the first ranking of peaceful states in the United States. Rankings were based on factors such as violent crime, incarceration population and the costs associated with violence. Check out the 10 most peaceful states in the nation.
Known for its picturesque mountain views, Washington rounds out the 10 most peaceful states at No. 10. A leader on the West Coast, Washington ranked most peaceful in the Pacific division.
Once mistaken for heaven in an Oscar-nominated film, Iowa ranks as peaceful state No. 9. In the 18 years of conducting the study on peaceful states, Iowa has never fallen out of the top 10.
Rhode Island
The small coastal state of Rhode Island saw a decrease in homicides from 4.28 per 100,000 people in 2000 to 2.94 in 2009. This helped land the state at No. 8 on the most-peaceful list.
Massachusetts, ranking seventh, showed significant decreases in both violent crime and homicide rates, and the incarceration rate has remained one of the lowest in the country. It’s home to a peace-promoting organization.
Widely known as the Friendly State, Utah ranked most peaceful in the West region and the Mountain division and No. 6 overall.
North Dakota
The Peace Garden State, named after the state’s treasured International Peace Garden, was ranked the most peaceful state for the first nine years of the study. Slight increases in violent crime moved North Dakota into the No. 5 spot.
Ranked fourth peaceful, Minnesota has the third-lowest incarceration rate and fifth-lowest number of homicides. It recently launched a new system to notify violent-crime victims when offenders are released from prison.
New Hampshire
Though the study indicated that peace was not linked to political affiliation, New Hampshire is famous for its role in the U.S. political process. The No. 2 most peaceful state has the lowest homicide rate in the country.
Vacationland is the perfect nickname for the most peaceful state, which ranked first on three of the tested indicators of peace
Vermont attracts visitors and residents alike with its beautiful scenery and inviting ski slopes, not to mention this sweet industry. This peaceful state ranks third based on low homicide rates and a decreasing violent-crime rate.