elderly woman dentist

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elderly woman dentist
elderly woman dentist. Dentist jailed after brawl over false teeth. A Deltona, Florida dentist was sent to jail after engaging in a false-teeth tug-of-war with an 85-year-old woman Tuesday.Investigators said Virginia Graham was in pain during a fitting and ended up throwing her dentures at her dentist, Dr. Michael Hammonds.

Graham said she went into Elkcam Dental in Deltona for a routine denture adjustment, but she wound up bloodied and bruised after she and Hammonds fought over the fit of her bottom partials.

"They were making my gums raw, just rubbing up and down raw," said Graham.
Hammonds told investigators Graham took out the dentures and threw them at him.

Graham, meanwhile, said she wanted him to fix the fit.

"I said, 'I want my teeth back,' so he's holding the teeth real tight and pulling them," Graham said.

Graham said the metal was digging into her hands, but she didn't give up the $900 dentures.

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