Celebrity Pilots

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Celebrity Pilots
Celebrity Pilots. In honor of National Aviation Day, we take a look at actors, singers and other celebrities who are licensed pilots. You probably already know about John Travolta, who has parking for his jets outside his house. See which other stars have found a place in the skies.
Pilot Tom Cruise 1941 Boeing Stearman: Cruise may have gotten his taste for flying when he starred in this successful aviator flick. He's been piloting planes since the mid-1990s and now flies his family all over the world. pilot tom cruise 1941 Boeing Stearman. Second World War Mustang P-51, 1943 Mustang, Pitts Special S-2B stunt plane, Gulfstream IV jet, Connor Cruise flying lessons, +Tom Cruise groceries jet,
Jame Franco pilots license research "Flyboys": Is there anything this guy can't do? Franco is getting his Ph.D. at an Ivy League school, starring in critically acclaimed films and teaching a class at New York University. He has also hosted the Academy Awards. After all that, his pilot's license sounds like a no-brainer.james franco stunt pilot two-seater plane
Angelina Jolie pilot son birthday: If she keeps adding to her brood, Jolie may need to get a bigger plane. Meanwhile, she's busy working on this upcoming film and continuing her humanitarian work.
Harrison Ford pilot fascinated aviation young age: Ford started training in the 1960s, but didn't get his license until the 1990s. He once headed an organization for young airplane enthusiasts, is involved with an aviation organization with a humanitarian focus and appears in a much-anticipated summer flick.
Dennis Quaid "pilot's license" 1983 Gordon Cooper "The Right Stuff": Could it have been his role in this space flick that fueled his desire to fly the friendly skies? Quaid, who played the dad of a surfer in this movie, has another hobby that keeps him on the ground.randy quaid star whackers
Clint Eastwood flew helicopter avoid traffic: Early in the acting career of this Oscar-winning director, he played a squadron pilot in a 1955 horror flick. His next project: a biopic of a controversial figure. Find out who the star is
+Morgan Freeman dreamed of becoming fighter pilot: He narrated a movie about birds that can't get off the ground, but Freeman himself loves to fly. He didn't earn his license until age 65 and now owns three private planes. Earlier this year, he scored a role in this highly anticipated film.+Morgan Freeman mechanic Air Force, morgan freeman skydiving, Morgan Freeman SJ30
+Jimmy Buffett love of flying college: Buffett has been flying for more than 20 years, with hit songs like these supporting his hobby. Watch him perform. jimmy buffett goal pilot license 40th birthday, Parrotheads, jimmy buffett margaritaville.
Lorenzo Lamas "Air America" appetite for aviation: This actor from a recent cult hit movie has both commercial and helicopter licenses. He's been married several times, has six children and his breakout role was on this TV show. lorenzo lamas motorcycle,
Kurt Russell "Flying has taught me more about who I really am than anything I’ve ever done. I take very calculated risks.": The longtime partner of this actress, Russell is a licensed pilot and an honorary board member of this aviation organization.
+Arnold palmer pilot fly himself to tournaments: One of the world's most famous golfers, Palmer has been flying since 1956. Find out when he took his final flight and why.arnold palmer regional airport
Dr. Phil oprah fear of flying: Licensed since 1976, Dr. Phil McGraw was flying long before he became a household name. His TV show took a hit after he tried to help a troubled pop star; his books and advice remain hot commodities. Dr. Phil naked man lawsuit.
George W. Bush Air National Guard: A licensed pilot since 1969, the former president famously co-piloted a fighter jet onto an aircraft carrier in 2003 to make a much-maligned declaration about the war in Iraq. george bush flight suit,
David Lee Roth jump: Best known for fronting this band in the 1980s, Roth has been a helicopter pilot since 2006. He last toured in 2007 and is back in the studio with this guitarist's son. Watch him perform.david lee roth  Emergency medical technician, van halen australian, david lee roth crazy from the heat.