Weird things you can rent
Weird things you can rent. Most of us have rented a car, a DVD or an apartment. But what about other things you need or want -- like a dog to play with or a grandma to bake with? Yes, you can rent those, too. We use Bing to help with the rental details and uses for each.
Paparazzi on rent
Who are the paparazzi following these days? It could be you. For the ultimate celebrity experience, just cough up $500 or so. You'll get a half-hour of paparazzi, plus your own gossip magazine cover with you as a star. You're already humming Lady Gaga, aren't you?
A village on rent
A hotel director in Austria had this idea in the 1990s: If corporations were willing to rent entire hotels for conventions, why not rent them a whole village? The idea was so popular that 62-square-mile Liechtenstein collaborated with a rent-a-village company to rent out the entire country. That practice has since ended, much to Snoop Dogg's dismay. But there are 10 villages available for rent across Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
A goat on rent
For at least two years, the National Park Service has hired goats to clear brush at a large military site near this island. The insatiable eaters cost less than the manpower and equipment that would otherwise be needed, and they leave behind something useful. If you've got an overgrown backyard, bring on the goats.
A celebrity on rent
Do you ever daydream about being best buds with Mariah Carey or getting personal advice from Dr. Phil? You can rub elbows with a star, at least for a few hours, by paying an exorbitant fee to rent a celebrity.  Who wouldn't drop $1 million for a private performance by Usher?
A kilt on rent
Whether you want to wear it to a wedding, the prom or to your boss's house for dinner, you can find the perfect tartan through a number of kilt-rental companies. You may just fall in love with the breezy freedom and buy one of your own.
A casket on rent
For those who want to save money on a funeral, many funeral homes now offer a rent-a-casket option. The casket contains a simple inner container that is removed after the funeral service. The deceased is buried in the container, and the casket is then reused for multiple services.
A pet on rent
Owning a pet has been shown to help ward off depression, lower blood pressure and boost immunity. But not everyone is cut out to be a full-time pet owner, which is why some companies will rent out canines and felines for a few hours or a day at a time. Take a walk and play some fetch, but you won't have the hassle of finding a pet sitter when you go away for the weekend.
A grandma on rent
A Los Angeles company that's working on franchises across the U.S. hires out senior women for tasks such as child care, housecleaning, cooking and pet sitting. One benefit of having a grandma watch your kids: She probably won't spend the whole time chatting with friends on the phone or surfing her social networks. And maybe you can get her to knit you a sweater
A Breathalyzer on rent
You can buy breath-alcohol testing key chains and some bars have installed testers that allow customers to make sure they're OK to drive. Now, you can rent one of the devices for a private event, such as a party at your house.
A status symbol on rent
Fancy jewelry, fast cars and fine art represent wealth and status. If you want to feel like a million bucks for an evening, you can rent a diamond necklace, a Bentley or even a painting or sculpture.
A friend on rent
If you just moved to a new city and don't know anyone yet, just rent a friend. Your hired friend can show you around, accompany you to a social event, introduce you to people or teach you a new hobby. Yes, even friendship has its price.
A pilgrim on rent
For $2,500, a Portuguese computer expert will go on a pilgrimage for you. Carlos Gil revived a 700-year-old tradition by hiring himself out for the one-week, 100-mile walk from his home in Cascais to the shrine to the Virgin Mary at Fatima. He also walks back, which takes another week.