Crazy Ways to Own Gold

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Crazy Ways to Own Gold, Gold has been a superstar of the investment world in the last few years. As the economy turned sour, investors rushed to the precious metal as a safe alternative to the rocky stock market.
Gold bugs piled on, the price of the metal soared and pretty soon everyone wanted a piece of the action.

The price briefly topped $1,800 an ounce, though it has pulled back recently.

The problem, though, is how exactly you should own gold. Gold stocks and funds like SPDR Gold Shares, GLD aren't all that much fun. Gold bars can be a hassle, too, since you have to pay to store and insure them.

Are there other ways to jump into the gold frenzy? Oh, yes. From a solid gold toilet to a pencil-sized pistol, there are dozens of "investments" made of gold that are a lot more intriguing than a boring pile of bricks.

Following are nine of the oddest ways to own gold:
Solid gold toilet, Gold is hugely popular in China and busloads of tourists come to see this solid gold toilet in one of the country's major cities. Gold + China + largest consumer and producer, 

Bling details. The 24-carat lavatory was created to attract shoppers to a jeweler's "Hall of Gold," which also features a golden palace and statues, Agence France-Presse reports. 24-carat gold toilet + $5.8 million, 24-carat gold is pure gold

Trivia: Did you know the U.S. government owns one of the world's most expensive toilets? world's most expensive toilet international space station $19 million,
Gold pencil-pistol, A gold-plated pistol that looks like a pencil? Sounds like something James Bond would carry in his pocket. james bond javier bardem villain,

Bling details. The pencil-pistol was made in 1948 by the late Maharaja of Jodhpur as a present for the last Viceroy of India, Technabob reports. The pencil's tip comes off, revealing a 2 3/4-inch barrel. lord mountbatten gold pencil-pistol + auction price,

Trivia: Remember the most expensive pistol ever sold? Get the price. 1847 Colt Walker pistol + record high price + $920,000,
A gold-plated bathtub, If a gold toilet isn't enough, how about a golden bathtub? Luxury company Inax is selling a bathtub covered in white gold.

Bling details. The bathtub, which debuted in Tokyo last year, is covered with 10-millimeter tiles of 24-carat white gold. Inax also makes a gold-plated toilet with a unique feature. inax gold plated toilet with digital sound system + photos, +inax gold bathtub $100,000,
The Kim Kardashian coin, The marriage that will not go away -- no matter how much you want it to -- has received its own commemorative coin.

Bling details. The company created a 24-karat gold coin to celebrate the over-the-top wedding of reality-TV star Kim Kardashian and basketball star Kris Humphries. The best part? The coin has the following inscription: "Together forever . . . Only time will tell." Kim Kardashian wedding gold coin value+ $2,200,

Trivia: By comparison, what was the price for the royal wedding coin for Prince William and Kate Middleton. 2011 royal wedding gold coin + $3,250,
A gold sports car, China brings us yet another golden head-scratcher. A jewelry store in Nanjing displayed a gold-plated Infiniti sports car earlier this year.

Bling details. It took five people more than four months to plate the G37 coupe with gold, the Xinhua News Agency reported. While the crowds loved the sparkly vehicle, it was reportedly blocking traffic and was parked on the street with no license plates, so police had it towed.

What's it worth? There wasn't a price tag on the gold-plated Infiniti, but check out the cost of this gold-plated luxury vehicle. Gold-plated rolls royce + $8 million,

Trivia: Check out the massive record price paid for a vintage Bugatti coupe. Bugatti coupe sets record price + $30 million,
A gold iPad, Leave it to British designer Stuart Hughes to come up with a solid gold iPad. +Stuart Hughes televisions, aquariums,

Bling details. Hughes used 53 diamonds to create the Apple logo, and made the casing and screen frame from a single piece of 22-carat gold. Hughes made only 10 versions of this iPad. Gold iPad + $200,000,
A gold photocopier, Want to impress your co-workers? Haul in the gold-plated Canon copier from designer Yogi Proctor. Find out if it can make copies. Yogi Proctor copier doesn't make copies,

Bling details. It's about the size of a real copier and has parts made of aluminum, glass and plastic.

What's it worth? We don't know the designer's price, but we can say it is an inconvenient way to own gold.
A gold bra, Move over, Victoria's Secret (who will model $2.5 million bra?). In April, a Chinese jewelry store displayed two solid-gold bras that took five designers and four workers nearly six months to make, according to Jing Daily.

Bling details. Engraved with phoenixes and dragons, each bra weighed about 2 pounds. Golden publicity stunt in Changsha + $614,000,

Trivia: The world's most expensive panty-and-bra set is a Victoria's Secret product encrusted with precious jewels and worth millions. How much? See photos of supermodel Gisele modeling the set. victorias secret Red Hot Fantasy $15 million,
A gold beer mug, Beer enthusiasts swear that the mug makes all the difference. So could a solid gold mug make Bud Light taste like nectar of the gods? You probably wouldn't be drinking Bud Light from this luxurious mug anyway.

Bling details: Japanese gold company Ginza Tanaka unveiled the 850-gram mug as part of its "summer cool" collection. Ginza Tanaka (read about its diamond handbag) also offers golden sake and wine glasses at $30 a gram, in case you want to avoid that golden beer belly. 850- grams how much is that, Ginza Tanaka + diamond handbag, gold beer mug $50,000,

Trivia: Need a pricey beer to fill that extravagant mug? The world's most expensive beer will set you back a lot more than Bud Light. Vielle Bon Secours + ale +most expensive beer,