2011 October Product Recalls

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2011 October Product Recalls
2011 October Product Recalls, Cereal bars, contact lenses and Corvettes were all taken off the market this month. Read through to find out what other products landed on October’s recall list. Mrs. Freshley’s multipack cereal bars recall, avaira toric contact lenses recall, 2012 chevy corvette rear hatch recall,

October 2011 food recalls,  River Ranch Fresh Foods recalled several bagged salad products due to possible contamination. river ranch recall 2,154 cases, listeria monocytogenes,

Additional recalls:
Lots of NOW Foods brewer’s yeast was recalled due to an undeclared allergen. now brewer's yeast recall product code, now brewer's yeast recall undeclared milk,
Less than 200 packages of Lean Cuisine Dinnertime Selects chicken fettuccini that contained the wrong ingredient. lean cuisine recall chicken fettuccini contain shrimp, lean cuisine recall 1253595911G,
Several-hundred gallons of Farmers All Natural Creamery whole milk. 954 gallons of farmers all natural milk recall, farmers all natural milk recall 19888,
Approximately 4,800 individual packages of Fruit Fresh Up, Inc. fresh cut cantaloupe and cut mixed fruit containing cantaloupe as part of a larger recall.
Prolab Nutrition Inc. whey protein products that had been distributed internationally due to undeclared allergens. "fruit fresh up" cantaloupe recall, jensen farms cantaloupe recall, fruit fresh up cantaloupe listeria monocytogenes, prolab whey protein recall allergens,
Mrs. Freshley’s multipack cereal bars because of an undeclared ingredient. Mrs. Freshley’s cereal bars undeclared milk
Thumb Oilseed Producer’s Cooperative soy flour due to possible contamination. thumb oilseed soy flour recall salmonella
Thornton’s garden and chef salads were recalled due to possible contamination. thorntons salad recall salmonella
Three varieties of Kraft Foods Velveeta Shells & Cheese Single Serve Microwaveable Cups. velveeta shells and cheese recall + small, thin wire bristle pieces
Kroger’s Private Selection Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream because it may contain an unlisted ingredient. private selection extreme moose tracks ice cream peanuts

october 2011 children's gear recalls + B.O.B, B.O.B. recalled nearly 440,000 of its single and double jogging strollers due to a possible choking hazard. b.o.b. stroller recall patch can detach, b.o.b. strollers + gagging and choking were reported in two incidents

Additional recalls:
About 8,000 Yu Wei drop-side cribs due to entrapment and suffocation hazards. yu wei crib recall suffocation hazard,  cribs one report of a child who sustained minor abrasions
B.O.B. recalled nearly 440,000 of its single and double jogging strollers due to a possible choking hazard.
Additional recalls:
About 8,000 Yu Wei drop-side cribs due to entrapment and suffocation hazards.

October 2011 product recalls + children's + Ikea, IKEA recalled about 58,000 BUSA children’s folding tents because they may pose a laceration or puncture hazard. ikea children's tent steel wire frame can break ikea children's tent recall + one injury
October 2011 pharmaceutical recalls, Superior Metabolic Technologies recalled all lots of the testosterone booster Uprizing 2.0 because it appears to contain an unapproved new drug. uprizing 2.0 + superdrol + unapproved by FDA synthetic anabolic steroids + acute liver injury

Additional recalls:
Approximately 600,000 Avaira Toric contact lenses in the United States. avaira toric contact lenses recall residue

October 2011 meat recalls, Osamu Corporation recalled up to 1,800 cases of its frozen ground tuna because of elevated antihistamine level frozen ground tuna recall 7013 elevated histamine symptoms

Additional recalls:
Canadian Fish Exporters, Inc. salted, smoked and split herring due to uneviscerated samples. CFE International herring recalled uneviscerated fish + botulism
E-Z Shop Kitchens, Inc. ready-to-eat, seasoned beef and shredded pork products due to a missed inspection. e-z shop kitchens recall + Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia e-z shop kitchens recall + federal inspection e-z shop kitchens recall + FSIS has received no reports of illness
Approximately 875 pounds of Chef’s Requested Foods, Inc., center cut steaks. chef's requested foods steak + EST. 5792 chef's requested foods steak contain turkey filets
Approximately 377,775 pounds of Commercial Meat Co. ground beef products that may be contaminated. commercial meat company recall est. 4873 Commercial Meat Co. recall + e. coli
Approximately 57 pounds of Greencore USA, Inc. salad products containing meat and poultry. Greencore USA recall + grape tomatoes
Approximately 80,000 pounds of Manning Beef, LLC beef products due to possible contamination. Manning Beef recall e. coli Manning Beef recall not aware of any illnesses in association with these products

October 2011 electric recalls, Nidec Motor Corporation and Emerson Motor Company recalled approximately 2,000 Ecotech EZ variable speed pool pump motors due to electrical shock hazard. Ecotech EZ® Variable Speed pool pump motors + pump cover is not properly grounded
October 2011 car recalls, October 2011 vehicle recalls Daimler AG recalled 6,872 diesel 2011 Mercedes-Benz vehicles due to problems with the fuel filters. 2011 mercedes benz E-Class, GL, ML and R-Class recall 2011 mercedes benz leaking diesel fuel filter recall

Additional recalls:
Approximately 5,755 model years 2011-2012 Chevy Corvettes due to problems with the rear hatch hinges. 2011-2012 chevrolet corvette rear hatch recall
Approximately 502 Jayco model year 2010-2011 Greyhawk Class C motor homes. jayco class c motor home recall improper electrical connection

October 2011 consumer product recalls, Marshall Group recalled about 39,000 bottles of its Marshall Gardens PatioGlo Bio-Fuel Gel after reports of incidents resulting in burn injuries. PatioGlo Bio-Fuel Gel pourable gel fuel recall PatioGlo Bio-Fuel Gel pourable gel fuel can ignite unexpectedly

Additional recalls:
About 1.6 million bottles and cans of Bird Brain pourable gel fuel due to burn hazard. bird brain Bio-Fuel Gel pourable gel fuel + 11 injuries
About 2,500 Ballard Designs "Stafford" step stools due to a fall hazard. ballard designs stafford step stool plastic tabs on the feet of the step stools can cause the stools to be unstable
Innovations and At Home with Meijer recall About 3,200 Roman shades and roll-up blinds sold from March 2010 through September 2011due to a strangulation hazard. Innovations and At Home with Meijer + discount retailers, dollar stores, flea markets and other retail liquidators Innovations and At Home with Meijer + injuries: none reported