The Most Fattening Foods
It’s National Nutrition Month, so time to get acquainted with a few of the astonishing foods and dishes that can pack on the pounds. We’ve also found some healthy alternatives for you, so you can start the month off right. Check out these calorie busters and click on the ingredients to get tasty recipe ideas.

Deep-Fried Banana Split

Calories: About 2,000
Where to find it
First spotted at this fun affair, this dessert has since been seen at the Arizona and Minnesota State Fairs as well. There are four days’ worth of saturated fat in this dessert, which includes battered, deep fried balls of banana, honey and peanut butter topped with powdered sugar, caramel, chocolate, and whipped cream.

Mega Mel Burger

Calories: About 4,556
Where to find it
You get your name on the wall if you finish it within two hours and don’t get sick (but that doesn’t mean you should). This towering burger has a pound and a half of ground beef, a pound of bacon, 1/4 pound of American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle and a big bun.


Calories: 1,300 and 72 grams of fat
Where to find it
This popular French-Canadian side dish (yes, those calories are for a side dish) is basically French fries topped with cheese curds drenched in gravy.

Baskin-Robbins Large Oreo Chocolate Shake

Calories: 2,600 and 135 grams of fat
Where to find it
With 73 ingredients and more sugar than 20 bowls of this breakfast cereal, this calorie and fat bomb could clog your arteries   just by looking at it. Check out healthier Baskin-Robbins menu options.

West Michigan Whitecaps Fifth Third Burger

Calories: 4,800
Where to find it
This ballpark feast  has five beef patties, fries, chili, sour cream and salsa. Did I mention that it takes a pound of dough just to make the bun? Yikes!


Calories: 3,500 and 214 grams of fat
Where to find it
You could probably guess from the name — this is basically pork sausage stuffed inside a deboned chicken, which is stuffed inside a deboned duck and then it’s all stuffed inside a turkey.  How do you cook this thing? Deep-fry it, of course.

The Big Texan

Calories: 5,760 and 480 grams of fat
Where to find it
72 ounces of steak, and if you eat it in one hour, it’s free. You also have to eat the baked potato, roll and shrimp cocktail that come with it.  You’d better come hungry to eat this monster.

Quizno’s Large Tuna Sub

Calories: 2,090 and 175 grams of fat
Where to find it
Isn’t tuna supposed to be healthy? I can sum up the big problem with this tuna sandwich in one word: mayonnaise.  Switching to light or fat-free mayo can make a big difference.  Here are a few healthy Quizno’s menu options.

The Seven-Pound Burrito

Calories: 3,764
Where to find it
This colossal 7-pound burrito is filled with five pounds of potatoes, 12 eggs, a half pound of ham and a half pound of cheese. If you finish it, you get your picture taken and everything.

Uno’s Classic Individual Deep Dish Pizza

Calories: 2,310 and 162 grams of fat
Where to find it
Not sure if it’s the calories, the fat, or the fact that it’s an individually-sized pizza that makes this the most surprising. It’s the deep dish crust that ups the calorie count on this one.  Here are a few healthier menu options at Uno’s.

Giant Turkey Legs

Calories: 1,136 calories and 54 grams of fat
Where to find them
A regular turkey leg on its own isn’t so bad, but the giant ones that they sell at state fairs and festivals are usually fried or soaked in grease, with the skin on, of course.

Outback Steakhouse Baby Back Ribs

Calories: 2,580
Where to find them
Once you add in everything that comes with this meal, you’re well over 3,000 calories. One good trick is to eat half or a third and take the rest home for another meal. Or consider a healthier menu choice.
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